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Sydney ’08

Journey of Faith


Who can believe the long awaited WYD Pilgrimage in Sydney ’08 is now just a memory and what wonderful memories too!

Meeting total strangers; Making new friends; Exploring new places;
Trying new food; Sleeping on new grounds; Praying on different levels; Expressing a whole lot of feelings and emotions; Sharing new moments; Learning new things; Developing one’s faith. Oh the many things to remember and share, but how forgetful we can be.

Good thing you’ve found this web blog!

In preparing these articles, an effort has been made to summarise and encapsulate as many elements summating our WYD ’08 experience.

From the very beginning where preparation took form in faith formation sessions, participant meetings and other events leading up to the WYD week; to the actual WYD week itself; and then to the few months of reflection, rest, and renewal.

We encourage you all to read these articles, as they endorse a fascinating perspective to the frameworks and personalities of the pilgrims who attended. In understanding the souls that came to WYD and what they were wanting to discover from the event and ultimately themselves, will hopefully free your mind and heart to all the possibilities that WYD can offer, for as long as you are open to the whole experience. For those who attended, hopefully this will be a reminder of your WYD’08 experience, to look back on and to share with family and friends.

For those who didn’t, we hope this book gives you a glimpse of what WYD’08 participants experienced and an invitation to you in considering going to the next one, or ones to come.

A big, big thank you to the VCYM World Youth Day Book Committee who put these articles together and to all those who shared their personal reflections, photos and stories.

Thank you to all of the participants, you have made this journey all the more memorable and enlightening.

To all the VCYM crew, WYD group leaders, volunteers and pretty much anyone who put a hand in any part of our journey, Thank You.

Your time and effort is appreciated by all.

And finally, a Thank You to Sr Linh, without you we would still be stuck in Sydney!

Michelle Le

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